Within My Soul
Within My Soul, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 76 cms
Searching, Mixed Media on Canvas, 76 x 76 cms
Secret Box
Secret Box, Acetate and Acrylic on Canvas, 76 x 76 cms
Loss, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 98 cms
Ease, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 98 cms
Another Time Perhaps
Another Time Perhaps, Oil on Canvas, 92 x 92 cm
Whispering Wind
Whispering Wind, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 76 cm
The River
The River, Oil on Canvas, 122 x 122 cm
Believe, Oil on Canvas, 122 x 122 cm
Descend, Oil on Canvas, 92 x 92 cm
Dream, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 51 cm
Pure, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 51 cm
Ocean, Oil on Canvas, 138 x 120 cm
Just Up Ahead
Just Up Ahead, Oil on Canvas, 122 x 61 cm
Life Study 1
Life Study 1, Conte on paper, 59 x 84 cm
Cat, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 98 cm
Life Study 2
Life Study 2, Conte on paper, 59 x 84 cm

Artist Aisling Creegan, Wicklow

Aisling studied under Donald Teskey and Patrick Graham, graduating in 1995 with an Honours degree in Fine Art Painting. Aisling worked as an Art Therapist from 1995 to 1997 in St Vincent's Centre, Dublin. This involved using art therapeutically with 110 residents with severe to profound learning difficulties. While there, she wrote a paper on Art Therapy and delivered workshops to visiting medical students and staff. 'What struck me most was the power of expression. These residents could barely communicate, but the moment they put brush to paper, they were saying; 'here I am I exist'. No one can take expression from us, be it singing, dancing, writing, painting and so on. There is no obscure theme running through my paintings, it is simply expression!'

Having left St. Vincent's, Aisling worked for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron and stroke. She was greatly inspired by the residents strength and attitude to life. One day having asked a resident severely debilitated by M.S. how they coped, she received the answer, 'I may see more of life than you'll ever see'. We wish away our days, running from one thing to the next. Aisling's paintings aim to root us to the spot, to appreciate a body that does our bidding or the subtleties of colour in the world around us. Aisling is a founder member of Cruthu, a West Wicklow arts group which was set up in 2006 and has a gallery space in Russborough House, Co Wicklow. Aisling has now completed a BSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Middlesex University and integrates art therapeutically with her clients in her current post as Activities Co-ordinator with the HSE.

Most of Aisling's paintings are oil on canvas stretchers made using traditional handmade techniques and are found in private collections in Ireland and abroad.