Art 'Windy Surf'
'Windy Surf', Oil on canvas, 27 x 20 inches | Helene Brennan
Art 'Steamy Ocean'
'Steamy Ocean', Oil on canvas, 27 x 20 inches | Helene Brennan

Helene Brennan

Originally from County Wexford. BA Fine Art in Manchester, England. Many solo and shared exhibitions. Paintings in many private collections in Irelan...
Art 'Hogwarts Train'
'Hogwarts Train', acrylic, 60 x 50 cm | Toni Duggan
Art 'Walking on glass'
'Walking on glass', acrylic, 62 x 58 cm | Toni Duggan

Toni Duggan

Born in Kinsale, Co Cork, I moved to England as a child and returned to Kinsale in my early 30's with my family. I have completed a four year arts cou...
Art 'On the Dugort Road'
'On the Dugort Road', Oil and Wax on Linen, 60 x 60 cms | Padraig McCaul
Art 'WInter Road'
'WInter Road', Achill, Oil and Wax on Linen | Padraig McCaul

Padraig McCaul

Born in Dublin in 1963, Padraig has been painting full time since 2006. He is currently represented through galleries in Ireland (North and South) and...
Art 'False Flag Attack Triptych'
'False Flag Attack Triptych', Oil on canvas, 60 x 180 cm | Caoimhghin O'Croidheain
Art 'Standing Rock 1'
'Standing Rock 1', Oil on canvas Triptych, 60 x 180 cm (23.6 x 70.6 in) | Caoimhghin O'Croidheain

Caoimhghin O'Croidheain

Caoimhghin O'Croidheain (pronounced Kee-veen O Cree-awn) is an Irish artist who has exhibited widely around Ireland. His work consists of drawings and...
Art 'Roses for Mom'
'Roses for Mom', oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm | Marion Bockmann
Art 'Sunflower In A Wild Garden'
'Sunflower In A Wild Garden', oil on canvas, 60.5 x 50.5 cm | Marion Bockmann

Marion Bockmann

Born in Yorkton and raised in Stockholm, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1996 she moved to Dublin with her Husband and two Sons, started oil painting again i...
Art 'Howth Harbour Eve'
'Howth Harbour Eve', Oil, 10x8 inches | Bill O'Brien
Art 'Howth Harbour Gloria 11'
'Howth Harbour Gloria 11', Oil, 10x8 inches | Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien

My introduction to art began at Corks Crawford Gallery where I attended art school haviing won a local children's art competition. As a painter I cons...
Art 'Blue Man'
'Blue Man', oil on canvas, 12 x 24 | Tom Campbell
Art 'Clown Will Survive'
'Clown Will Survive', mixed media, A4 | Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell

I am originally from the town of Dumfries in Scotland but have been based in Cork since 2001. I work in a fairly free and spontaneous manner and belie...
Art 'White-tailed Sea Eagle at The Cliffs of Moher'
'White-tailed Sea Eagle at The Cliffs of Moher', Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24 ins | Jason O'Ceannobhain
Art 'Bathing Mallards'
'Bathing Mallards', Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 27 ins | Jason O'Ceannobhain

Jason O'Ceannobhain

Irish Wildlife and portrait artist, Acrylic on Canvas, Seascape, Eagle, Mallard, Meadow Pipit, Twilight,Carrantuohill Summit,African Thunder...
Art 'Titanic Signature Building Belfast'
'Titanic Signature Building Belfast', Watercolour, A5 | Alan Coulter
Art 'Carnlough Harbour'
'Carnlough Harbour', PenandWash, A5 | Alan Coulter

Alan Coulter

I have always painted and probably always will. I love the many nuances that watercolour possesses and whenever I pick a subject it has to be painted...
Art 'Yachts at Clontarf'
'Yachts at Clontarf', Acrylic on Canvas, 19 x 15 inches | Jim McPartlin
Art 'Headford River, Virginia'
'Headford River, Virginia', Acrylic on Board, 16 x 12 inches | Jim McPartlin

Jim McPartlin

Artist from Dublin now living in Virginia, County Cavan. Specialising in watercolour landscapes. Now experimenting with Acrylics and Oils....
Art 'Headland'
'Headland', oil on canvas, 122 x 90 cms. | George H Smyth
Art 'Set the Night on Fire'
'Set the Night on Fire', oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cms. | George H Smyth

George H Smyth

George H. Smyth was born in Ardglass, Co. Down in 1968. His father was a talented water-colourist and encouraged him to draw and paint for an early ag...
Art 'Saint Mel's Cathedral'
'Saint Mel's Cathedral', Acrylics, 50 x 70 cm | Eamon Reilly
Art 'White Tailed Eagle'
'White Tailed Eagle', Acrylics, 50 x 70 cm | Eamon Reilly

Eamon Reilly

Eamon Reilly is from the picturesque little village of Finea in Westmeath in the midlands of Ireland. Eamon is a self taught artist with a style of hi...